Would you like some cheese with your whine?


When I whine, it is usually because I didn’t count the cost before I got started. I have run into an unexpected problem or at least an unanticipated issue. This makes me whine sometimes. I feel a little self pity…a little inconvenienced.

I have a friend who is a new homeowner. They have been whining a lot lately. There is a reason they say that if you own a home there is always something. It is true and the older the home, the more somethings. If you don’t go into home ownership with your eyes wide open and expecting the constant need to always be doing something from yard work to fixing a leaky toilet, you are going to find yourself whining a lot.

Jesus gave a parable illustrating the high cost of being one of his disciples. He asks the question about a man who intends to build a tower. If the man is haphazard and doesn’t count the cost first, he may get the foundation laid and not be able to finish, thus causing himself ridicule and mockery from his neighbors.

My mother used to call this being deliberate. Take the time to think. Count the cost. Go in with you’re your eyes wide open. What could go wrong? Would I still want to begin knowing the problems that I might encounter?

If you do this and still say yes, then it cuts down on your whine time. It also causes you to sometimes say no.

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