Why I Wrote a Book about Humility

Some of my closest friends look at me sort of strange when I tell them I have written a book about humility. The next thing they say with a hint of disdain is “What do you know about humility?”

That is a fair question. I explain that I didn’t write a book because I know so much about humility or because I am so humble, but because I need to study the subject.

So I have written a book called “Happy are the Humble, The Power of Humility to Change your Life.” The idea came one morning during my quiet time. I was reading the sermon on the mount where Jesus said, “Blessed are the Poor in Spirit.” My version had in parenthesis, “Happy are the Humble.”

As I pondered that statement I asked myself if I really believed it. If I were honest with myself, I did not believe the humble are happy. Honestly, I would have said the rich, the talented, the beautiful and the popular are the ones that are happy.

Then I began to look at the word humble and some of the characteristics of humble people. I came up with words like hospitable, kind, respectful, generous, forgiving, dependable, committed and many others. I then realized that people who exhibit these characteristics are really good at relationships with others.

Then it hit me. My traditional definition of humility was all wrong. The truly humble person is not a doormat, but instead is masterful in how they understand how to deal with all types of people. The reason humble people are so happy is that they know how to cultivate and keep great relationships.

That realization sent me on a journey to develop a much broader understanding of what humble people already know. I hope you will join me on this journey of discovery. Hit subscribe on this blog site and be a contributor to our ongoing discussion.

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