What Coaches are Saying about The Power of Humility

Can you coach humility?

What Coaches are saying about The Power of Humility

“I met Clay Mize when he showed up in my office unannounced, but I am glad that I took the time to get to know him. The Power of Humility will bless your life.Mark Richt, Head Football Coach, University of Georgia

Read this book written by Clay Mize on Humility. Humility is a virtue missing in American society today. All of the Apostles had it. Bobby Bowden, former Head Football Coach, Florida State University

Pride and self absorbtion are very common in our culture. In The Power of Humility, Clay Mize offers a simple yet strong case for approaching life in a humble, appreciative walk with God.” Tom Osborne, Athletic Director, University of Nebraska

The Power of Humility by Clay Mize is one of the best books I have ever read about making yourself happier. Practicing humility is a must if you want to be happy with yourself and admired by everyone.” Steve Spurrier, Head Football Coach, University of South Carolina

I find that the most influential people in life serve others with great joy and hold firm to the idea of others before self. Clay Mize clearly points out steps to being an influential person that can be used by God in a mighty way in The Power of Humility.Hugh Freeze, Head Football Coach, University of Mississippi

“The attitude of ‘being coachable’ is the main ingredient to maximizing your development as an athlete.  The same concept holds true in your spiritual development. Clay Mize helps us to realize that this attitude of being coachable stems from humility.  Plain and simple, if you want to become everything God created you to be you must understand true humility and reading The Power of Humility is the perfect place to start.Rob Likens, Assistant Head Football Coach, University of California Berkeley

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