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clayThis blog is for the person who can relate to how hard it is to integrate all the various fragments of who we are. I am attempting to bring all my parts together, make them consistent and grow them in a positive direction. I also recognize my need to work and play and make decisions about family, community, and money in a real world.

I am more than just what I do. I hate being defined. We are all more than the labels others put on us. I see great value in our individual uniqueness. The finest compliment to me on my last day is “he was a good man.”  The greatest title that I seek is “friend.”

My true need is finding more joy in my daily tasks. Understanding what I really have to offer to others. Being valued by those who know me. Being at peace with God and at peace with my concept of myself.

I blog because it is an opportunity to share what I am learning and it creates the possibilities of making a meaningful connection to another human and perhaps a contribution to them. My interests are varied, but I find my self trying to deepen my understanding of God and believing that will somehow make me better. I strive to make myself more valuable to my community and I am not sure exactly what that says about me.

To finance my interests I help friends and clients with ideas and products that provide money when it is needed the most. I have been owning small businesses for 25 years and have experience in helping small businesses with their employee benefits and with financial, retirement and insurance planning. It’s not glamorous, and corporate bureaucracy can be frustrating, but it is important work and I am thankful for that.

I have been told that I am a teacher…that I am always teaching. Not sure that is a good thing, but I get it from my mother. She was always trying to teach me something and I loved her for that.

I write on spiritual and faith development, relationship and team building, personal growth, reaching for your higher calling and occasionally about things that don’t fit in any of those categories.  I am currently writing a relationship and team building book on the Power of Humility and think it is a must read. (I am a little prejudice)

My goal is to write something to benefit your life. Hopefully, you will find something here that will build your faith or is a practical idea that will strengthen your family or relationships.

I typically will post one of two times per week. To make sure that you don’t miss my newest posts, you should subscribe via email.

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I am also available to speak on a variety of spiritual and financial subjects to church and civic groups.   My fees for speaking are quite reasonable. They range from free to what ever you will give me. I tend to believe that the more you give the more you receive.

I hope you find something here that will be valuable to you.

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You can email me at claiborne.mize@gmail.com

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