Thinking about a Tatoo for my Forehead


I am not really thinking about a tattoo for my forehead. I was thinking about a girl I saw with a tattoo on her forehead while I was eating breakfast in a Chicago restaurant called Yokes. It was something written in a foreign language. I imagined it said, “I am an idiot” Then I found the tattoo of the guy with “stupid” tattooed on his forehead and I realized someone thought of this before I did.

Maybe the girl wasn’t stupid at all. Maybe she was just hoping someone would notice her. I think a lot of people wish that these days.

I don’t have a tattoo anywhere, though I thought about it when I was in my early 20’s. I think that is the time in life that most people get a tattoo. There is something about it then that seems cool and a little dangerous kind of like smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol or driving over the speed limit.

I am glad now that I didn’t get a tattoo. I kind of see it like if I had to make a decision on wearing the same shirt for the rest of my life. There just hasn’t been a shirt that I would like enough to wear it every day for the rest of my life.

I asked my dad when he was 83 that if he were to get a tattoo, what would it be. He said, “I wouldn’t get a tattoo.” I said, “I know, but just saying you did, what would it be.” He thought for a long moment and then said, “Freedom.”

That told me a lot about my father. After a full life, raising five kids, fighting during WWII, owning a business, serving as an elder in his church, freedom was his word. I realized Freedom stemmed from his sacrifice during WWII and I was happy to learn that Freedom meant so much to him.

Answering that question for myself I think I would have a tattoo of a Levi Strauss tag like the one below on the left side of my back about waist high. It would be that or a patch of denim, because denim goes with almost everything.



All kidding aside. Here is my challenge for you today. Take some time to notice things about someone. Notice some good things and tell the person you noticed. This will take some time and effort. It will take more than a casual look or a flippant judgement. Take your time and look deeply and say something to the effect…I noticed you today.

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