The Power of Humility


Some of my closest friends look at me sort of strange when I tell them I have written a book about humility. The next thing they say with a hint of disdain is “What do you know about humility?”

That is a fair question. I explain that I didn’t write a book because I know so much about humility or because I am so humble, but because the benefits of humility are so huge and the discipline of humility can be learned.

This book The Power of Humility” looks at the attitudes and characteristics of truly humble people and will motivate you to consciously choose these traits that will cause others to respond to you in a more gracious way. Characteristics like respectful, kind, hospitable, generous, forgiving, dependable and committed are all attractive traits of truly humble people.

You will learn that the truly humble are not weak or doormats, but that they are masters at dealing with people.  They are masters at relationships of all kinds.

The best benefit of all is how these attitudes and character traits of humble people lead to the best and most satisfying relationships.  People with good and satisfying relationships  are also the happiest people in the world.

I hope you will join me on this journey of discovery. You can read the introduction to the book here, but I hope you will join this conversation by subscribing to this blog site and be a contributor to our ongoing discussion or send me an email with your thoughts or just to say hello.

Can you name one positive attribute that you most admire in people who practice an attitude of humility?

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