Thank God I’m a Country Boy

Maybe I am weird but I love to get on a tractor or now a lawn mower and cut things down. It is one of the few things you can do and see exactly what you have accomplished. Here is my yard hero.

Lawn Mower

These faux dandelions are a real pain to get rid off, but they are pretty when they are blooming. I have used 24D and Trimec weed killer and you can see how effective they were. They seem to be laughing at me.

wild flowers

They are not laughing at my lawn mower.

Mown Orchard

My long lost brother Joel has moved back from Colorado and this is our new vineyard. Should be really good in a couple of years.


Here are some new grapes from my older vines.

New Grapes

Here are some baby Muscadines.

Baby Muscadines

My peaches rotted on the tree and my plums fell off before they were ripe, but looks like I am going to have a banner year with apples.


If times get hard, I can take comfort knowing I have a place to keep the hay dry. I just love old barns anyway.

Barn from pod

And when you are through with the work…It is good to have a happy place to cool your heels.

Happy place

  • cweeks416

    My husband loves to mow grass, too. He mows ours and then several others in the neighborhood just because he wants to. I’d much rather stay indoors when the temp hits the 90’s. You can tell that I’m not a country girl!

    • Clay J Mize

      Your husband sounds like my kind of guy. I mow my neighbors sometimes too, but don’t make a habit of it. I like to get the work done early in the morning starting about 5:30 and I want to be in the A/C by noon.

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