How do You Teach a Boy to be a Real Authentic Man.

teach a boy

I crowdsourced this question to my friends on Facebook and here is what they said.  Please add your two cents in the comments.

Twenty two things you need to teach a boy about being a real man

  1. Show respect for all people.
  2. Do unto others as you would have them do to you.
  3. Focus on doing the right thing.
  4. Put God First, above everything. John 15:5 says Apart from God you can do nothing.
  5. Put the interest of others before your own.
  6. Develop a love for Jesus
  7. Be a man of the word.  Be consistent in studying the Bible.
  8. Be a man of your word.
  9. Show special respect for women
  10. Pull your load within the family and the community
  11. Learn to be a giver
  12. Prepare yourself to be a good father.
  13. Be a person that shows compassion
  14. Love God with all your heart
  15. Learn to follow after God
  16. Love fearlessly
  17. Have good priorities, God, Bride, Children, Ministry
  18. To accept your imperfection and that you will make mistakes
  19. Step up to the call of God on your life
  20. Claim your spiritual responsibility in your home
  21. Put God in the center of all your human relationships
  22. Learn it is ok to cry
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