How to Teach a Boy to Put God First in His Life

Boy about God

This is part II in a series about how to teach a boy.  I have crowdsourced this from my Facebook friends and condensed it for you.  I was not sure what category to put this series in.  I thought about overflow since I wasn’t sure, but the more I consider it the more I think it is really a team building exercise, since building better boys builds better families, teams and organizations.

Here are eleven ways to teach a boy to put God first in his life?

  1. Acknowledge God regularly in prayer, in conversation, through worship
  2. Put God first in your life
  3. Model putting God first with your own words and deeds
  4. Be a good Christian father
  5. Introduce him to men who put God first in their life
  6. Pray together
  7. Teach him about the life of Jesus
  8. Take a boy’s natural curiosity to teach him about God’s handiwork.
  9. Study the Bible together
  10. Show him the artistry of God in a pretty girl (Boys instinctively understand that)
  11. Help a boy to understand that without God we do not exist. We are nothing and can do nothing without God.
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