Talking to My Trees

Talking to my trees…


I talk to my fruit trees, but before this year it didn’t do much good to talk to my peach trees. They just would not bring any fruit to maturity.  The peaches usually rotted on the tree or fell off prematurely. I have done everything I knew to do.  I pruned it in the winter, fertilized, drenched the ground with insect killer, sprayed it multiple times in the spring.  Nothing worked.

I was fed up with the peach tree this winter.  I went to cut it down and was going to plant blueberry bushes in its place.  I got there and just couldn’t do it, but I showed the tree the chain saw and told it this was its’ last warning.  It had one more year to show me something or get the ax (chainsaw).

Since I knew Jesus also talked to trees, I gave it a blessing in Jesus name to give it every opportunity possible before the execution.  I said, “Be fruitful and multiply in Jesus Name.”  I figured using some words God had used before was like adding some secret sauce.

I did nothing else this year, but look at this.




There is no explanation for this and believe me I have tried to think of one.  The only thing that did come to mind beside a miraculous visitation (which I believe is the main cause) is that it took a year for the soil drench I used two years ago to take affect and kill the microscopic bugs that get in the fruit and ruin it.

Whatever the reason, the good Lord uses everything to teach me new lessons.  Here are a couple more.  The tree was so loaded with fruit and I was so greedy for it, that I didn’t want to thin out the fruit.  Thinning out the fruit is vital, so that some of the fruit can get bigger and more lucious.  So you must take what looks like good healthy fruit off the tree.

Also, if the peaches are touching, for some reason it causes both to rot.  Again, this is another reason for thinning out the crop.  Sometimes, we all need a little space and if we don’t get it, relationships can experience some rot.

And lastly, I loved this fruit so much I didn’t want to share any of it, even though I have more than I can eat. Then I remember the Bible verse where the Lord tells us the reason he blesses us.  He blesses us so that we will be a blessing to others.

Don’t forget this last one, and if it seems that the Lord has not been blessing you…that He is resisting you and your prayers…maybe it is that you have not been sharing what He has given you with others.  That is at least something to think about.

  • Angela Arnold

    I forgot about your web page and ordered your book from Amazon. Crazy me–there I go again. 🙂 I shall go and speak to my pecan trees, peach trees and grape vines. It truly will be a miracle if they produce. Possibly, we should pray for a gardener. 🙂 Yep, the peaches are a blessing from above! Peach cobbler, peach preserves, peach jelly, peach relish, pickled peaches……..definitely share them! I figure what you share will come back to you 100 fold! 🙂 Love you, Mr. Greenjeans—lol

    • Clay Mize

      Mr. Greenjeans…I remember him. He was Captain Kangaroos sidekick I believe. You are a real peach you know it? Love you.

      • Angela Arnold

        Yep I’m a peach!! lol
        Loved me some Dancing Bear on Captain Kangaroo. Ain’t that so funny? lol cracks me up!

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