I was a Student Today

I was a student today. I enjoy being a student and I enjoyed being at my old stomping grounds at The University of Alabama. I may be getting old, but I am still young and learning as a writer. I need instruction on lots of things about the writing business and ways to pitch your […]

Why I Wrote a Book about Humility

Some of my closest friends look at me sort of strange when I tell them I have written a book about humility. The next thing they say with a hint of disdain is “What do you know about humility?” That is a fair question. I explain that I didn’t write a book because I know […]

The Eight Masks of Men

The Eight Masks of Men by Frederick Grosse I am curious for your responses to the author’s assertions that men wear masks to cover up their true God given desires.  Please leave a comment. Mask                                                                      God Given Desire Loneliness                                                        Solitude and Community Rage and Anger                                                 Pain and Hurt Compulsions                                                      Love Performance                                                      Acceptance Control                                                             Friendship Producing                                                          Being-ness Competition                                                       Humility Institutional Religion                                       Spiritual Growth

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