Top 10 Blog Posts for 2017 Top 10 Blog Posts for 2017 10. I No Longer Believe in the God of the Bible or Jesus Rose from the Dead 9.   To My Jewish Friends – The Two Messiahs 8.   Eight Rule for a Civilized Argument 7.   Forgive Yourself for Being Stupid 6.   I Will Make It […]

Forgive Yourself For Being Stupid

The Year I had to forgive myself for being stupid happened on Easter weekend.  Forgiving yourself may be the best thing you ever do. My dad turned 79 this year. He gets around pretty good for a fellow his age. He likes to show off by dancing a little jig around the house to prove […]

I Will Make it Easier for Others to Forgive Me

I Will Make it Easier for Others to Forgive Me. Father forgive me,  for I know not what I do.   I wanted to make it easier for people to forgive me by asking their forgiveness. So I began by trying it out on a group of friends I regularly meet for coffee. I decided not to […]

Introduction – “The Power of Humility…the Secret to Being Happy”

  The Secret to being happy? Blessed or happy are the poor in spirit (the humble) (Matt. 5:3). This famous quote by Jesus during his Sermon on the Mount always baffled me. Humility as poor in spirit conjured in my mind a door mat…a person with low self-esteem and little confidence. It was the opposite of what […]

Do You Love Peace?

  Do you love peace?  Do you pursue it? You will have more peace in your life by applying one simple proverb that all wise people understand. A gentle answer deflects anger, but harsh words make tempers flare. When you apply this principle it will make you a wise and valuable contributor to your family, […]

What Coaches are Saying about The Power of Humility

Can you coach humility? What Coaches are saying about The Power of Humility… “I met Clay Mize when he showed up in my office unannounced, but I am glad that I took the time to get to know him. The Power of Humility will bless your life.–Mark Richt, Head Football Coach, University of Georgia Read this book […]

Five things that are Guaranteed to Make you Happier

Things guaranteed to make you Happier

Five Things You Think Will Make you Happier but Won’t

These five things will not make you happier.

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