Life is a Vapor – Don’t Let Stuff Bog You Down

Life is a vapor.  It really is. Today it is here and tomorrow it is gone.  Because of that, we should be careful to live fully and not let anything stand in our way of getting the most possible out of the time we have. The ideas we develop of ownership are often formed at […]


October 13, 2009 I find myself needing a steady dose of perspective.  Though my life would be considered phenomenal by my ancestral fathers, I constantly find myself feeling dissatisfied and wanting more out of life.   I see more potential and more possibilities, more opportunities and more choices to the point that they sometimes blind me […]

Keeping Racial Differences in Perspective

Memorial Day Honoring our Confederate Dead Keeping racial differences in perspective Yesterday I went to honor our confederate dead as well as all those who died for our freedoms in America.  I honored these confederate dead for their bravery and devotion to one another and for trying to protect the only way of life they […]

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