Lamb of God – The manger in Migdal Eder

Behold, the lamb of God. The manger in Migdal Eder Jesus Birth Foretold The story of Jesus birth was first foretold in Genesis three verse fifteen.  God told Adam and Eve that a child would be born. This Child would crush the head of the old Serpent who tempted Eve to sin and resulted in […]

The Bethlehem Star – Did it really stop or is this just a myth?

The Christmas spirit has overtaken me and as a part of that I am contemplating the Christmas story we were told as kids. As I was remembering it, it occurred to me that the story tells of wise men following the Bethlehem Star till it stopped over the little town of Bethlehem. That thought stopped […]

The Secret Pattern Hidden in the Bible that Reveals the Identity of the Messiah

God weaves tale-tell clues into His story. He creates patterns for us to find to confirm to us that the scripture are divinely inspired. One repetitive pattern is His use of the number two man as the hero, the anointed one, the chosen one by God to save the human race from the perils of […]

Abraham and Lot – The Rest of the Story

Moabites and Ammonites This is the story of Abraham and Lot, Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot’s grandchildren through incest the Ammonites and Moabites and finally Ruth.  This is a mostly untold story about what happened to the two children of Lot through his incestuous relationship with his daughters.  These two children became tribes known as the […]

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