Introduction – “The Power of Humility…the Secret to Being Happy”

  The Secret to being happy? Blessed or happy are the poor in spirit (the humble) (Matt. 5:3). This famous quote by Jesus during his Sermon on the Mount always baffled me. Humility as poor in spirit conjured in my mind a door mat…a person with low self-esteem and little confidence. It was the opposite of what […]

Why I Wrote a Book about Humility

Some of my closest friends look at me sort of strange when I tell them I have written a book about humility. The next thing they say with a hint of disdain is “What do you know about humility?” That is a fair question. I explain that I didn’t write a book because I know […]

Don’t Let Anybody Do This to You.

If someone else has defined what makes a person valuable for you, and it just so happens that the definition includes the things that flow naturally from those who have the strengths and experiences of the definer, you could be in big trouble. If this is you, stop whatever you are doing. Walk to the […]

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