Sprituality and Sexuality

Spirituality and Sexuality are amazingly similar. Spirituality is the effort to unite with God. Human sexuality is the effort to unite with another human.  Frederick Grosse I must admit I don’t know of two more powerful and persuasive drives within myself, but oddly I have viewed them as having nothing to do with each other. […]

The Eight Masks of Men

The Eight Masks of Men by Frederick Grosse I am curious for your responses to the author’s assertions that men wear masks to cover up their true God given desires.  Please leave a comment. Mask                                                                      God Given Desire Loneliness                                                        Solitude and Community Rage and Anger                                                 Pain and Hurt Compulsions                                                      Love Performance                                                      Acceptance Control                                                             Friendship Producing                                                          Being-ness Competition                                                       Humility Institutional Religion                                       Spiritual Growth

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