Mind Your Own Business

There were two men who opened clothing stores across the street from one another.  They sold the same merchandise, carried the same brands and were open the same hours.  One man was doing very well with his store while the other man was barely keeping his doors open.  One day the struggling business owner came […]

Mind your own business

What do you think about a person minding their own business?

The Eight Masks of Men

The Eight Masks of Men by Frederick Grosse I am curious for your responses to the author’s assertions that men wear masks to cover up their true God given desires.  Please leave a comment. Mask                                                                      God Given Desire Loneliness                                                        Solitude and Community Rage and Anger                                                 Pain and Hurt Compulsions                                                      Love Performance                                                      Acceptance Control                                                             Friendship Producing                                                          Being-ness Competition                                                       Humility Institutional Religion                                       Spiritual Growth

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