2014 – Traveling to Israel

Walking in the footsteps of giants, legends and heroes who have changed the world is humbling.  It is hard to put into words, but my faith became more real.  Strolling the cobblestone streets in old Jerusalem where David and Solomon were King, Daniel was a boy, Paul was a citizen and Peter and Jesus were […]

2014 – Family and Friends

2014 was best of times and the worst of times for my family.  The best of times is new additions to the family with my niece Emily and Mark Smith introducing us to Levi and my nephew Zach Mize got married and adds a new baby making my brother Joel a great grandfather.  My niece […]

Why I Stopped Blogging in April 2014

My trip to Israel altered my life.  I stopped blogging, writing, speaking and almost everything else I was doing before I left for Israel. I needed more time to process this experience. It was like being struck dumb. I felt like anything I could say about any topic was inadequate.  I needed to reevaluate my […]

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