Surrounded by Heroes

Two accidental meetings in one week…two heros.  The first was Wednesday before Thanksgiving in a crowded Trowbridges Café.  Devon and I were taking her neice to lunch and the wait line was long.  The older couple in front of us offered to let us sit with them at their table. We discovered they were not a couple, but that she worked for Eldercare of the Shoals and that he was a client.  He had a great smile and sparkling blue eyes.  “I worked on lawnmowers for 35 years,”  he said and our conversation began.

In those short moments together we began to hear snipets of a life story.  This brought me home from  Patton’s Army in the south of France, you know they called him old blood and guts,” he said rolling up his sleeve to show me a horrendous scar that traveled the length of his arm.  “Schrapnel got me,” he said. 

“My father fought  with Patton’s army in the south of France,”  I said.  He seemed pleased by this and I felt a bond between us. 

We soon said our goodbyes and the two of them walked out to her car.  Now get this…they hopped in a brand new red convertible Mustang.  As they backed out, I looked and he was smiling at me from ear to ear. 

I will tell of the other hero in part II.

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