Struggles and Trials – All a Part of the Journey

Struggles and trials are all a part of our journey.

stuggle and Trial

An internal struggle with your thoughts is really no struggle at all.  It is nothing.  Wake up and look around.  There is no struggle except in your head. Don’t let a phantom struggle defeat you.

An external struggle that you can see is not really what it seems either.  It is there to change things…to change me…to change you…to force us to grow beyond it.

The Apostle James says to consider it pure joy when you fall int o various trials?  He insinuates that trials are orchestrated by God to work something in us that we need.  At the end of the trial, we would not feel or be the same.  Our little wad of grievances would seem less and our perspective changed  Our ego and the little self with all its demands a bit more in check. We will be different after going through it and be a better version of ourselves. We were never meant to stay the same.

Be your best to those people nearest by.  They are our allies.  They are the first step on our personal mission field.  The Mission… to show compassion to these first…to hope your efforts reproduce and spread…to hope your gestures change the world.  Do I do this? I hope to start today…and I hope to remember tomorrow.

You want to increase your relevance to others?  Find someone who is struggling through a trial and offer them some encouragement.  Though it will cost you no money it may be the most valuable thing you can give.

The joy and fulfillment that comes from being a blessing is what my book, “The Power of Humility, the Secret to Being Happy” is all about.  The stories there have the power to help you see things differently.

Have you encouraged someone this week? It might just change the world.  Tell me about it in the comments section below.  Your comment may inspire me and others to change the world yet again.

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