Struggles and Trials

An internal struggle with thoughts is really no struggle at all.  It is nothing.  Wake up… Look around…  There is no struggle. 

An external struggle that you can see is not really what it seems either.  It is there to change things.  To change me.  To force me to grow beyond it.  How else could the great Apostle James say to consider it pure joy when you fall into various trials?  He insinuates the trials are orchestrated by God to work something in us that we need.  At the end of the trial, we would not feel or be the same way.  Our little wad of grievances would seem less.  We would have a different perspective.  Our ego and the little self with all its demands and grievances will be a bit more crushed or seen with clearer perspective.  We will be different after going through the struggle or trial and be better, even if we liked our old self better.  Nothing is meant to stay the same.  We are meant for growth and maturity. 

Be best to those nearest by.  They are our ally.  They are the first step on our personal mission field.  The Mission… to show compassion to our world and hope and pray it spreads because of our commitment to it.  Do I do this?  I hope to start today…And I hope to remember tomorrow.

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