Setting Good Goals

Goals that are not written down with an action plan to accomplish them are like bullets with no gun powder!  Consequently, those people go through life firing blanks.  Unknown

Writing down goals increases your chances of accomplishing your goals by 10 times or 1000%.  A Harvard study showed that only about 4% of people actually write their goals.

Why do so few people write down their goals?  Most people don’t know the difference between a good inspiring and motivating goal and a goal that de-motivates and discourages.  Yes, goals can discourage and demotivate if set incorrectly.

Did you also know that an accountability partner doubles the effectiveness of a good written goal.  That is a 2000% increase in the likelihood of achieving your goals, verses the person who keeps his goals in his head.

Learning how to set good goals with a clear action plans are a part of what a good coach can do for you.    It can make all the difference.

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