Why did God Threaten Moses?

Why did God threaten to Kill Moses on the way to Egypt? God often takes extreme measures to get His point across and ensure His plans get implemented.  God convinced Moses, that if he disobeyed a command given to his grandfather Abraham seven generations earlier, He would kill him. The grievance God had against Moses […]

2014 – Traveling to Israel

Walking in the footsteps of giants, legends and heroes who have changed the world is humbling.  It is hard to put into words, but my faith became more real.  Strolling the cobblestone streets in old Jerusalem where David and Solomon were King, Daniel was a boy, Paul was a citizen and Peter and Jesus were […]

2014 – Family and Friends

2014 was best of times and the worst of times for my family.  The best of times is new additions to the family with my niece Emily and Mark Smith introducing us to Levi and my nephew Zach Mize got married and adds a new baby making my brother Joel a great grandfather.  My niece […]

Why I Stopped Blogging in April 2014

My trip to Israel altered my life.  I stopped blogging, writing, speaking and almost everything else I was doing before I left for Israel. I needed more time to process this experience. It was like being struck dumb. I felt like anything I could say about any topic was inadequate.  I needed to reevaluate my […]

Lamb of God – The manger in Migdal Eder

Behold, the lamb of God. The manger in Migdal Eder Jesus Birth Foretold The story of Jesus birth was first foretold in Genesis three verse fifteen.  God told Adam and Eve that a child would be born. This Child would crush the head of the old Serpent who tempted Eve to sin and resulted in […]

Eight Rules for a Civilized Argument

We need to learn how to argue again. What I mean is we need to learn how to argue in a civilized and respectful way again.  There are a lot of ideas out there. Some of them are good and some are not so good. We need to bring back the civility that goes along […]

End of the Age? Israel and World Politics – Part 3 of 3

  This is part three of a three part series asking the question “Are we coming to the end of the age.”  See part one and part two.  I believe we are and I believe the sayings of Jesus and the Old Testament scriptures are full of clues that say now is the age and […]

Wars and Rumors of War a Sign of the End – Part II

Are we coming to the End of the Age?  Are there scripture that predict actual events that are happening now? This is part 2 of a 3 part series asking the question “Are we coming to the end of the age.”  I believe we are and I believe the scriptures are full of clues that […]

Birth Pains and the Signs of the End of the Age

Are we experiencing the birth pains Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24 that culminates in the end of the age?  If you are a Bible prophesy student you probably think so.  I became interested in Bible prophesy over thirty years ago and along with that came an interest for Middle Eastern politics. Personally, I come […]

Auschwitz Escape – Interesting Video on a Novel by Joel Rosenberg

Joel Rosenberg is one of my favorite authors.  He usually writes novels about prophetic events, but this book is about an escape from a German concentration camp.  I think you will be interested in this very intriguing interview on CBN.

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