We Used to Call them Drunks

  When I was a kid we didn’t use the word alcoholic when referring to someone who drank too much.  We called them a drunk.  We all knew who the drunks were…everyone did.  When someone mentioned Mr. Powell down the road the word drunk usually was coming before long.  And yes, Mr. Powell was usually drunk when you […]

Forgive Yourself For Being Stupid

The Year I had to forgive myself for being stupid happened on Easter weekend.  Forgiving yourself may be the best thing you ever do. My dad turned 79 this year. He gets around pretty good for a fellow his age. He likes to show off by dancing a little jig around the house to prove […]

I Will Make it Easier for Others to Forgive Me

I Will Make it Easier for Others to Forgive Me. Father forgive me,  for I know not what I do.   I wanted to make it easier for people to forgive me by asking their forgiveness. So I began by trying it out on a group of friends I regularly meet for coffee. I decided not to […]

A Reason Why Players Love Coach Lamar Harris

This is a true story about why players loved playing for Alabama High School Hall of Fame Coach Lamar Harris.  And why years later we realize we not only loved playing for him, but that we loved him. Haleyville Gets a New Coach When Coach Harris came to Haleyville High School, he was fresh out […]

The Rock of Ages and Jacob’s Pillow

There is none holy as the Lord: for there is none beside thee: neither is there any rock like our God.  I Sam. 2:2 Could it be that Joseph’s pillow, the rock that Moses struck and the Stone of Scone are the same rock?  Who is…what is the Rock of Ages and where did the story begin?   […]

Talking to My Trees

Talking to my trees… I talk to my fruit trees, but before this year it didn’t do much good to talk to my peach trees. They just would not bring any fruit to maturity.  The peaches usually rotted on the tree or fell off prematurely. I have done everything I knew to do.  I pruned it in […]

Maturity and Contentment

I have learned maturity and contentment in every situation.  I am not disturbed by my present circumstances.  I know how to live humbly when things are lean and I know how to enjoy prosperity and abundance.  I have learned the secret of facing every situation, whether well fed or going hungry.    Life ebbs and flows, […]

You Can’t Take It with You

You can’t take it with you. So why do so many seem to try. The ideas we develop of ownership are often formed at a very early age.  By the time I arrived in the world, my grandfather owned a small cattle and vegetable farm in the foothills of the Appalachians in Northwest Alabama.  He […]

Introduction – “The Power of Humility…the Secret to Being Happy”

  The Secret to being happy? Blessed or happy are the poor in spirit (the humble) (Matt. 5:3). This famous quote by Jesus during his Sermon on the Mount always baffled me. Humility as poor in spirit conjured in my mind a door mat…a person with low self-esteem and little confidence. It was the opposite of what […]

Moments in 2015

Moments in 2015   Sunday night fellowship group Levi Smith’s first birthday party Certified as a USPTA tennis professional Memphis Open and USPTA conference Sunday and Wednesday night class friends USPTA Conference in Charlotte, NC Serving my guests at the Muscle Shoals Music House Asher Rodi getting a tennis scholarship to UNA Sheffield High School […]

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