A Travel Review of Belize

Here is a quick travel review of our amazing trip to Belize in bullet points.

  • Marshall Neal never meets a stranger and he is a dreamer.
  • He meets Larry from Mississippi who is a dreamer too, and has taken 60 trips to Belize over the past 20 years and has developed a Teak tree farm and built a nice home.
  • Marshall gets an invitation from Larry to visit Belize and do mission work and check out the opportunity to plant Teak trees.
  • Marshall asks me to go too.
  • I am for going anywhere, so I say yes.
  • Devon is like me and she says yes to the trip too.
  • Marshall and his wife Bridgett are interested in adventure and mission work and decide to help a young mother named Selina by building a shower and an outhouse for her young family.
  • Selina’s baby son is Darwin.  We pray for him and build a shower and an outhouse.  All the kids from the area come to see what is going on.  They pick up lemons for us as a gift.  All the kids line up to give us a hug when we leave for the day.  One little boy gets in line twice.
  • Mr. Timmons helps us build.  He has amazing blue eyes.  He is a peaceful man.  He was in the U.S. army.  He is wanted for smuggling people into the U.S.
  • As a young boy, Hosea is orphaned.  Larry adopts him.  Larry made Hosea his business partner with the Teak tree farm.  They now have hundreds of acres.  For his success, the locals persecute Hosea.  He lives better than all his relatives do.  He lives in a house on Larry’s land next to Larry’s house.  Hosea is disappointed by his career as a tree farmer, because he wanted to be a doctor.  Hosea is very loyal to his community.  He is married to Janet from San Salvador who had a child named Kathy.  Now Hosea and Janet have another child named Emily.
  • Larry had an epiphany after one of his trips to Belize.  He already had adopted Asian sons and he wanted to adopt Hosea who is now 32 and also Espy who is now 15.  He also saw he needed help with the Teak tree farm and could provide employment for these young men.
  • Belmopan is the capital of Belize.  There is a zoo there and a zip line above the rain forest and a river that runs under a mountain.
  • The local meals usually consist of rice and beans.  The food is great.
  • In the zoo are Jaguar, Puma, and Eagles and Tapirs that are a type of pig  It is a good zoo.
  • Mayan ruins and ziggurats to explore within an hour of the coast.
  • We visited Caye Caulker, an island off the mainland.  We went by boat taxi.  There were no cars on the island.  Only bicycles.  We stayed at Sea Dreams.  For $60 a night it was a bargain and right on the beach.
  • We went snorkeling with Mario’s Dive Shop.  We jumped in and swam with Nurse Sharks.  They don’t bite, but they are still big sharks.  We saw Moray eels.  There was a group of English girls traveling together and we loved their accent.  We especially liked how one girl said a man “was a bit grumpy.”
  • I befriended an old hippy who had lost hope.  He had only one lung and he was using that one to smoke.  He had recently recovered from pneumonia.  Said he wanted to die.  I guess that would be depression.  Said life is hard.  Said he lived in a shack.  That he had to scrounge around all day for a chicken.  No one would give him anything.  He had two scorpions on his chest representing his 2 wives.  He said he wanted to write a book with the theme that bad things happen.  He said both wives stung him.  Said he came to the island in 69 with 10 other hippies he met in California.  They had terrorized the island community.  They all took LSD and all eventually left except for him.  This was his home.  He married a woman who was a tourist.  She stayed 10 years and had two children before leaving.  She is now traveling the world with her new husband.
  • He has one child in Belize and another in the states.  His second wife became a physician and they lived in Sante Fe.  He was married for 17 years and they had two children.   He said he has no purpose left.
  • I wonder if that is the truth and I think he sees that I question that.
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