My apologies to the marching band

The following is my apology to the marching bands in my life.  During a reunion of several of my old classmates recently, one of them said that I did not appreciate the work the marching band did for our school and football team during our high school days.  

First, let me say that there could be nothing further from the truth, while at the same time acknowledging I can understand how someone could think this about me.   Let me tell you my sad story of immaturity and personal insecurities…

I grew up the youngest of three football playing brothers.  I was the runt of the litter and “runt” was my nick name.  These same brothers told me that I would not grow up to be a football player and would instead be a majorette.  (You can view my book called “Meanest things my brother ever did to me” at

This scared me forever…

And yes, to compensate for this fear of one day becoming a majorette, I distanced myself from the band. 

However, I can tell you that I always loved the band.  There is nothing that can give you that spirit of excitement like the band can.  I can remember fall practices, when we were hot and tired of practicing, that we would hear the band practicing and I could feel my spirits soar. 

I still get a tear when I hear the band play “Our boys are going to shine tonight,” Our Alma mater and the National Anthem. 

And most recently, I was upset and frustrated with the new sound system at Alabama football games that drowns out the band.  I always loved the dueling bands at Alabama games and believe the bands are the one thing that makes collegiate football so much more exciting than Professional football.

So, band members everywhere…

Please accept my apologies and know that I love you.

  • Growing up with you I can personally say, you did appreciate and were well aware of the activites, sacrifices, and work the band did.

    Recovering from a broken leg on our couch most afternoons after school you watched me running to band practice many times. As a band member from 5th grade til my junior year I can tell you the band makes a huge difference. Can you imagine what it would be like in a pep rally or football game without the band? Of course not.

    You didn’t get to see our halftime shows and we did work very hard, very hard. I never felt un-appreciated, especially by you.

    Shoot, you even listened to me practice piano in the afternoons. How many quarterbacks did that?


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