Maturity and Contentment


I have learned maturity and contentment in every situation.  I am not disturbed by my present circumstances.  I know how to live humbly when things are lean and I know how to enjoy prosperity and abundance.  I have learned the secret of facing every situation, whether well fed or going hungry.    Life ebbs and flows, and circumstances often change.  I trust Christ for strength to endure.

That is my paraphrase of the Apostle Paul and is a treatise on maturity.

Maturity is attractive.  I only wish that I could face all circumstances with this type maturity.  I often fret about my circumstances and strive for something different, instead of embracing life in the present moment.  I whine against reality without facing it head on and make myself miserable.

If I strive for anything, I hope it is to maintain the right perspective…to remember that, “this too will pass,” whether it is good or bad, and to enjoy both of these imposters.  And also to remember that contentment will never come to those who don’t learn to appreciate what they have.

So, take heart when things are rough.  I have a friend who is fighting with everything he has right now to punch cancer in the face.  He is one tough sucker.  He is one brave soul.

He has a lot to fight for.  I know he wants to see his two teenage sons playing high school football.  I believe He is going to win with the help of his family, the great staff at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and a determined faith in the Lord to help him beat this.

For me, I need perspective, especially to see the trials and hardships as an opportunity to grow…to grow and mature…not just for growth sake, but for something to develop within me worth giving.

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