Maturity and Contentment


I have learned to be content in every situation.  I am not disturbed by my present circumstances.  I know how to live humbly when things are lean and I know how to enjoy prosperity and abundance.  I have learned the secret of facing every situation, whether well fed or going hungry.    Life ebbs and flows, and circumstances often change.  I trust Christ for strength to endure.

Above is my paraphrase of the Apostle Paul’s statement in Phil. 4:12

Maturity is attractive.  I only wish that I could face all circumstances with this type maturity.  All too often, I fret about my circumstances and strive for something different, instead of embracing life in the present moment. Sometimes I struggle against reality and make myself miserable.

If I strive for anything, I hope it is to maintain the right perspective…to remember that, “this too will pass,” whether it is good or bad, and to enjoy both of these impostors.

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