Love Him, but don’t Listen to Him

angry father

Love him but don’t listen to him. No sadder words could said to a boy about his dad. Unfortunately, those words are good advice for some young boys and young men who have daddy’s that are out of control in their thinking and what they have to say.

I heard someone give this advice to a young man the other day. Knowing the situation, I had to agree with the advice. The son seemed relieved that he was given permission to discount his father’s poor instructions.

The Bible says that Solomon was the wisest of all men and that as a child he asked God for wisdom instead of riches. Of course we know the rest of the story that not only was he wise, but that his wisdom also brought him great wealth.

Sometimes we get frustrated that our prayers are not being answered in the way we would like or in a timely enough fashion. Sometimes it is hard to know what God wants us to pray for…what is His will for us…what does He want us to have.

This you can pray with confidence. Dear Father, please give me more wisdom. Amen.

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