Live an Adventure

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My back yard

I choose to live an adventure…

It does not mean I live any different, other than I choose to see adventure in my life.  Today, a bald eagle flew 20 yards from me as I watched him outside the window.   Tonight, I enjoyed a conversation with a man who has written and produced several number one hit songs.

Today, I spoke with a woman from Massachusetts about her company from Florida who has an opportunity in North Alabama.  Tonight, a talented woman who is excited about her ideas and the opportunities they might bring, sent me an email.

This morning, I sent an email to an old friend who is celebrating her 50th birthday.  At lunch, authentic Chicagoans served me an authentic Chicago hotdog. Tonight I watched a fabulous drama called Lost written by some of the brightest dramatist of our day.

Even now, though it is 3:30 a.m. and I cannot sleep, I am both a writer and publisher with the click of a few keys. I need to get a few hours sleep cause tomorrow will begin a new page.

Good night

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