Just How Sexy are You?

I was talking recently to a young lady who is a good friend of mine. She is 39 years old, very beautiful and has 3 children under age 14. She is engaged to a 55 year old man, but he looks older. I have to admit that I have wondered what she saw in him.

Our conversation turned to what a stable guy he is. She said, “He owns a small, but successful business. He drives a nice car and almost has his house paid for. He has been contributing to an annuity in his pension plan for 20 years and owns a life and a disability insurance policy.”  Finally, she looked at me as if she knew what I had been thinking and said, “Do you know how incredibly sexy that looks to a woman with three children?”

What an Intelligent Woman

Wow, I thought to myself, what an intelligent woman.

I have helped many young men over the years design simple but effective financial plans that led to them being a lot more sexy to the opposite sex.

I don’t do so much of that these days, but a good place to start would be reading Dave Ramsey’s book Financial Peace. Not everything Dave says is financial gospel to me, but I am in agreement with the vast majority of what he teaches.

It is very difficult to reach for your higher calling when you can’t even pay your bills.

What do you think is the biggest financial challenge that most families struggle with?

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