Jesus Obeys His Mother at the Wedding

mother with son

Mother and Son

Mary, the mother of Jesus has been invited to a wedding. Oh yeah, and Jesus and his friends are invited too…sort of an afterthought it seems. They were invited because of Mary. The mother of the bride runs out of wine for the guests and this wonderful occasion turns into a stressful one.

The bride’s mother is terribly embarrassed, and being the friend she was, Mary thinks about how she can help. Well, there is nothing she can do, unless…she can get Jesus to do some of the things that she has seen him do around the house. He is a pretty amazing young man. He has been very handy to have around the house.

So she finds Jesus at the party and asks for moment so they can talk. She explains how the wine has run out and how this has a chance to ruin this beautiful occasion. I can really picture Jesus look as he looks at his mother. He says to her, “What concern is this of ours?”

Isn’t this like every son and his mother. What concern is this of ours!? Are you kidding me? He knew exactly what she was getting at and she had done it before. Today, he would say, “Come on mother, you know its not time for me to show I can do that.”

I love Mary’s response. She doesn’t even acknowledge his statement. Isn’t that awesome? Isn’t that just like a mother? Sometimes being mother outweighs being King of Kings and creator of the universe.

Looking straight past Jesus to the wait staff standing around she says, “Yall do whatever he says.”

And what does Jesus do? Exactly what his mother told him to do.

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