I Like to Talk a Little Smack Myself

johnny football

Johnny Football talking Smack

Talking a little smack comes naturally to me.  I used to be bad to talk smack, especially when I play Monopoly. Let me get a few houses and hotels on key spots like Boardwalk and Park Place and watch me sing in my most smug voice.

I guess talking smack is the highest form of arrogance.  Coach Rob Liken’s wife Soni was quick to tell me how unattractive it was when we played monopoly.  She doesn’t like to lose and she sure doesn’t like to hear any smack talk.

That was 10 years ago and she still doesn’t let me forget it.  She was also the first to scoff when I told her I had written a book about Humility.

I was quick to point out, the book is about the importance of choosing humility, and not what comes naturally. I think Johnny Football is going to have to learn this lesson the hard way too.  My guess is he is going to eat some humble pie when he plays Alabama in week three.

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