I had Rather be Great than Lucky

Who doesn’t want to be the star…The Rainmaker…The Hoss? It would be nice to pocket the 1.4 million Justin Rose did at the U.S. Open or even the $700,000 Phil Mickelson took home for being second. For most of us, being the star is a very rare occasion. If we are going to be successful at anything it is because we are on a good team…because we have surrounded ourselves with good people.

Let me introduce my team. From left to right is Tyler Harrison, Dan Burgess, Lee Fowler, and yours truly.

Macedonia Boys of Summer

I experienced a sliver of greatness this weekend playing in a four man golf scramble with this team. We were the winning team with a winning score of fourteen under par. In case you don’t know, a scramble is where all four players on a team will hit a shot and the team takes the best shot and everyone on the team shoots the next shot from that position. In other word we have four tries at every location to hit a good shot.

The only way that I would ever score fourteen under par, is when I have the help of a good team, with each person doing his part and everyone contributing something. As a team, with a little more practice, we have the ability to compete with some of the best golfers on the planet.

In all of us there is a seed of greatness. Others may not recognize it and we may not even see it in ourselves. Even when it is recognized, it is often underappreciated and usually under compensated. However, that is no excuse for not pursuing our talent, our gift, our strength or skill and allowing that to be our contribution to our team.

We owe it to our self, our maker and the ones who love us to cultivate that seed of greatness that lies within.

  • Jeanette Masdon

    Wow, job well done and I bet you had fun too.

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