A very very good day

A good day

Do you ever consider what makes for a very good day?  A day when at the end of it you feel a good tired.  A day where you feel satisfied and content with how you lived it.

I decided to take a look at my days and evaluate them to see what makes for a good day or a not so good day.

Here is my good day.

It starts out with a good night’s sleep.

I usually get up fairly early or I lay in bed a few extra minutes if I have something really good to reflect on that happened the day before. This is especially true if I have played tennis, golf, taught a class or given a speech. I will replay it all in my head. Bad day is when I lay in bed and entertain bad thoughts.

I eat in and have a few minutes to read something inspirational and maybe meditate on it for a few minutes.  Sometimes I read about my favorite sports team which is Alabama football.  That is a somewhat spiritual experience for me too. Occasionally, I go out to eat breakfast and mingle with my breakfast buddies.

I transact some business, work toward a goal, or complete some tasks during the day that I need to do for my business or around home, but not too many. It is not a good day when I focus the entire day on completing tasks.

I write something instructional or inspirational that I can share with others. I share it either through writing a blog, teaching or speaking.

I will have lunch or coffee with family or friends.  The idea here is that I have some meaningful conversation with those I care about.

I play tennis or golf, or workout or do manual labor around the house or farm. The idea is that I do something strenuous outside if possible.

If I can do this, it is a very good day.

What makes a good day for you?





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