How do you get over seasonal depression? Nine things that cause yuck and the solution.



I consider myself a productive person and like feeling that way.  But for the last few weeks I have had little motivation to complete difficult tasks and felt unmotivated to do the things I have deemed important.  Doing those things felt like yuck. Instead, I have done everything else.

I am finding out that it is not just me.  I think there is simply more “resistance” at this time of the year and here is a list of what I think causes it.

1. The time change – It is getting darker sooner and that is a bummer for many people.

2. More darkness than usual – Sunshine boosts most of our moods and a lack of it can make us feel worse.

3. Less sunlight means less time to exercise or at least it takes more motivation to exercise.

4. Cold weather – Cold weather makes you want to stay inside.

5. Rain – This is the rainy season in the south and that too makes you want to stay inside.

6. Clouds – Again the lack of sun is a downer.

7. Bad News – With more time inside the more we watch the news.  Washington is depressing.

8. Technology – technology is supposed to make things easier – Turning my TV on has become a challenge.

9. Perfectionism – Sometimes I try to be too perfect.  When I am in this mood, I don’t get as much done.


So, what do you do about all this?

First, acknowledge that there is more resistance at this time of year. Don’t beat yourself up that you are less motivated or that you are not as productive. Realize that you will adjust and before you know it you will feel the motivation to be productive return.


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