From Genesis to Revelations God Warns of the Coming One World Government

One World Government

According to Hebrew tradition and supported by Genesis 10, the great hunter Nimrod began the Tower of Babel as part of his desire to create a one world government.  The tower was the jewel and his crowning glory. It was built in the plain of Shinar in what was once Babylon and today is Iraq.


It was in a time after the great flood when all the people of the earth were still living together and shared a common language. Ancient Jewish sages wrote that the people were still angry with God about the flood and decided to build a building into the sky to do war with God. Genesis simply says the people wanted to make a name for themselves.

The legend of the Tower of Babel has continued through the ages. The tower dates to around 2350 BC.  According to Genesis, God came down to see what was going on and He was so impressed by their efforts and disappointed by their motivations, that he confused their languages and thus the tower’s name became ever associated with babbling and the region Babylon.

Restoring the Tower at Borsippa

The legend of the tower is not over here. Not all people left the tower site. In 1800 BC, Hammurabi, the Amorite King who made famous his laws known as the Hammurabi code, clears away the Tower ruins.

ruins at borsippa
Above are the remains at Borsippa, where Nebuchadnezzar’s tribute to the tower were found

In 600 BC the famous Nebuchadnezzar who took the Prophet Daniel and the Israelites into captivity, completes a restoration of the Tower. The place of those ruins today are in Borsippa which is a Greek word meaning Tongue-Tower. There is an inscription at the site of King Nebuchadnezzar. The opening lines read:

I have completed its magnificence with silver, gold, other metals, stone, enameled bricks, fir and pine. The first which is the house of the earth’s base, the most ancient monument of Babylon; I built and finished it. I have highly exalted its head with bricks covered with copper.

In 475 BC the Persian King Xerxes destroys the superstructure of the Tower.

In 440 BC Herodotus the Greek historian wrote upon visiting the ruins; “It has a solid central tower, one furlong square, with a second erected on top of it and then a third, and so on up to eight. All eight towers can be climbed by a spiral way running around the outside, and about halfway up there are seats for those who make the journey to rest on.”

In 330 BC Alexander the Great visits the ruins and makes plan to rebuild the Tower

In 500 AD Babylon was abandoned for centuries.

Is man fundamentally different from in those days of Nimrod?

Has man stopped trying to make a name for himself by joining together to defy God?

Have we stopped trying to build a life that insulates us from a savage God we do not trust?

Can we build a place of refuge that doesn’t require our listening to God?

It seems to be the natural inclination, the pride of man if you will, to rise beyond the reach of God. I can hear the hearts of these ancient men. “I will not be unprepared for God the next time he decides to destroy the earth with a great flood.”

This unholy fear of God makes man seek protection from those who would be so bold as to offer it. People relinquish themselves to rulers like Nimrod or Joseph Stalin or Hitler who offer hope and then deliver tyranny. I am troubled that the naïve in this world are doomed to repeat this tragedy over and over.

I am very skeptical of those who want to do something for me for my own good. Leave us alone and get out of our way has been the formula that made the U.S. the economic juggernaut it has been. Personal freedoms from an over-reaching government gave us the breathing room to follow the dreams God put in our head and our hearts.

The Bible Prophesies a One World Government

For some time now people have talked about a one world government or a new world order.

Even the Bible prophesies the coming of a one world government. The government it identifies is the government of the anti-christ. Revelations 13: 16-18

This might still sound far-fetched. How could nationalistic attitudes be transformed quickly to make way for a one world government? I suppose something drastic like a nuclear exchange wiping out major cities could be a game changer that could cause enough panic and set the stage for some charismatic leader.

Regardless of what you believe about all this, the ground work is already being laid for a one world government and there are many who long for the day when all the people of the world come together as one.

European Union

In 1990 the European Union adopted the Babel motif for their ad campaigns.

European union poster

Are they trying to send a message?

Believe it or not, the European Union even built their parliament building in recognition of Nimrod and the Tower of Babel.

European Union

So what does all this mean to me? I am not sure, but I am not alarmed. It is an exciting time to be alive. It is like watching storm cloud gather, while feeling safe in a shelter.

I believe the pivotal issue remaining is what are you going to believe about Jesus. He invites. His way is to invite…to draw people whose hearts are moved by His love and compassion. He does not compel nor does he wish for us to compel others. He invites and encourages, but He leaves it up to us.

I draw my optimism and courage from two things, regardless of how dire a situation may seem.

1. My eternal future is secure because of the relationship I have with Jesus by faith.

2. That God is working out everything for good to those who love God and are being used for his purposes.

God is still inviting people to join the family. If you have questions, I would be happy to tell you what I know.

If you have a comment about this topic, please leave one in the comment sections. I am always interested in learning new things and hearing your viewpoints.

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