Finding a Mentor


I am a big believer in mentors.  I have tried to be one for others and I certainly have had my share.  More and more young people are asking me about how to go about getting a mentor.  “Who can I find that will guide me through the pitfalls of life and invest wisdom and sound advice into me?”

Well, I have found the answer to that to be a bit tricky.  First of all, one mentor is not enough.  And if you are expecting one mentor to go with you through life and be there every time you find yourself at a crossroad then you are dreaming.

The only person who fits this bill is the The Holy Spirit. I do believe He resides in us and guides us and gives us direction, however, I also think God can be quite mysterious and not so easily forthcoming with advice.  I think he likes for us to dig for ourselves and part of that has to do with cultivating many human advisors.

I have had some of the best mentors and advisors on earth and I am very grateful for that.  They all have been a great blessing in my life.  However, I will tell anyone who asks, that to get the most from a mentor, you must first be a teachable and coachable person.  That means you are willing to humble yourself to be like a beginner with a beginner mindset and listen and soak up what a mentor has to offer you.

I have found mentors where ever I can and I am still looking for more.  Sometimes they are wise old gray haired men and sometimes they are teenagers.  Each mentor adds to me in different ways and I only pick up bits and pieces from each.

Anyone can be my mentor if they have some trait that I can learn from and desire to emulate.

Below is a list of those that I could think of in the hour it took me to write this blog.  I know I have many others that I have failed to list.



My Grandfather Albert Mize – How to keep life in perspective

My Father Gene Mize  – Work ethic, spirituality, leadership and people skills

My Mother Ruth Mize – Be well rounded and carry yourself with dignity

My brother Joel Mize – Thinking big and using my intellect.

My Sister Jeanette Masdon – How to maintain friendships for the long term.

My brother Elwyn Mize – The value of humor

My brother Gary Mize –How to be tough and not whine

My brother in law Jimmy Masdon – Hospitality, showing affection and being non judgmental

My uncle JD Logan – The importance of cleanliness and taking care of your things



Johnny and Charles Frazier – To take being a student seriously.

Tim Gravitt – What being a competitor is like

Sue Gravitt – The value of old friends

Jimmy Holland Sr. – How to talk to anyone

Jimmy Holland Jr. – How to treat people

Walter Blanchard – The importance of telling a good story

Bonnie Posey – How to consistently show and tell people you love them

Bill Hyde – The importance of a regular time for Bible study

Rob Likens – The relentless pursuit of your dream

Mark Bates – Personal sacrifice

Morris Pepper – Being Generous

Kevin Knight – How to remodel a house

Steve Humpries – Timber and land development

Rilly Winkle – How to be a talk show host

Eddie Forsythe and Mike Hollander – How to produce T.V. shows and commercials


Coaches and Teachers

Bear Bryant – Giving that little bit extra

James Stanfield – That I was a leader

Bob Haggard – How to take charge

John Savage – How to create a simple financial plan for your clients

Bill Curry – Staying focused and that you control what you think about

Nick Saban – You win by creating a competitive advantage


Ministers and Sunday School Teachers

Jesus – That He is the promised Messiah

Wiley Dean – The importance of a Church family

Billy Ray Warren – Teaching by asking questions

Bill Biggs – Not judging a person’s life based on a few failures

Dudley Hall – That the Holy Spirit tempts people to do good.

Don Finto – How to listen to the Holy Spirit.

Doc Shell – The centrality of Christ

Dave Regan – The differences in end time theology

Lynn Anderson – Living with more freedom



Norman Vincient Peale – The Power of Positive Thinking

Dale Carnigie – To be interested in what others are interested in

Steven Covey – Seek first to understand and then to be understood

Max Lucado – What grace is about

John Deere – Humble perspective to use when listening for the Holy Spirit

Andy Andrews – To be a noticer of people

Leo Tolstoy – How wealth isolates you from people.

Ries and Trout – The importance of narrowing your focus in marketing

Warren Buffett – Value Investing

Cloud and Townsend – The Importance of having good boundaries with people and the importance of a having a healthy inner circle

Robert Kiyoski – To teach a kid to work for himself and not just to swap time for money.

Eliyahu Goldratt – How a bottleneck in your system constricts everything.   To grow a business you must find a way to increase the capacity of the bottleneck.

John Eldridge – The power of myths and stories to teach valuable lessons.

Paul Zane Pilzer – Abundance thinking verses scarcity thinking

Hal Lindsey – Bible Prophesy

Francis Frangipane – Spritual Warfare in the mind

Richard Bach – How we can create different futures with our decisions

Earl Jabay – The fundamental selfishness of the self

Charles Sheldon – How one man can make a difference by asking himself a simple question.

Dave Breese – How we are influenced by men long dead

John Maxwell – That leadership is essentially influence

David Garfinkle – The importance of a good headline

Alfred Armand Montapert – The principle of reciprocity in relationships

John Piper – To glorify God we must become as glorious as we were intended to be.

Martin Seligman – To study positive psychology of people who are happy and healthy.

Charles Capps – The power of words

Og Mandino – The value of the lowliest people you meet.


Speakers by audio

Rich Devos and Jay Van Andal – The importance of duplicating yourself to create income.

Zig Ziglar – Help enough other people get what they want and you will get what you want.

Charlie Tremendous Jones – We are changed by the people we meet and the books we read.



Michael Hyatt – Building a Platform


Cameron Roddy – Tennis forehand

As I said these came to mind quickly in the one hour it took to write this blog.  So, if you want a mentor, start looking because they are all around you.

Who have been some of your mentor and what have they taught you?

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