If You have Failed Trying Something Big, You are in Good Company

Keep Going


I have been a Failure all my life…

A failure when…

I quit my insurance sales job after college graduation. 

I quit the Real Estate business without making a sale.  

The Oil Field Service business I worked for went bankrupt.

I closed my used car business.   

My employee benefit business closed down after 20 years.   

My television show went off the air.

My contract as a college instructor was not renewed.   

A failure in the eyes of some, but not a failure to myself.   

And just like me you can see failure as mere stepping stones to success.

If you have dreamed big and set big goals and failed you are in great company. If those failures were painful and you found it too painful to dream again, just remember this…there is really no such thing as failure.  There is only feedback.

A failure today is only feedback to help you make course corrections toward your eventual success.  It is not over till you say it is over.  Keep dreaming.  Keep setting goals.  Keep growing and always learning from your failures and your successes.  Little by little you can do it.

For a little more inspiration to keep you going toward your dreams and higher calling watch the video below.

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