This is part two of a two part series that looks into why we struggle having faith in God for our financial needs.

Seven Spiritual Issues that Can Cause You Financial Anxiety

In God we Trust

This is the second part to a two part post.  The first post is called, “Six Things God didn’t Say About Your Finances…”  To more fully understand this post it might be helpful to go and read that post first.

The following are seven Spiritual issues that can cause you financial anxiety.

1. If I can’t provide this she will not love me.

2. If I do this kind of work she will leave me.

3. If I live in this neighborhood, I am a failure and what will others think of me.

4. If I can’t match the lifestyle my father did, I am a failure.

5. If I can’t give them what their friends have they will consider me a loser.

6. I need this lifestyle for myself and my family to feel valuable.

7. I need this job and level of income to feel valuable.

If your prayers sound more to you like begging and pleading than prayers of faith and thanksgiving for what God can do, this may be an indication that you are wrestling with one of these spiritual issues.

This list only scratches the surface of spiritual issues that cause poor decisions and bad judgments. Many times it is bad value system that is destroying our joy for living and keeping us from financial peace of mind.

Wrong solutions for dealing with our pain is to medicate, live with or ignore it. Instead, we should respect the pain and try to dig deep to find the root cause.  Ignoring these issues may lead to a very painful end for everyone. Resolve today to get help by digging into the root cause.  This may be the beginning to our freedom.

When I look closely at what Jesus said I would live differently.  If my prayer was for enough food and clothing and an adequate shelter over my head, how much financial worry could I eliminate?

I think He is calling us to a simpler life.  How different would life be if we had simpler tastes. If we wanted smaller houses with smaller utility and insurance bills. If we wanted older cars with smaller payments and insurance bills.  If we wanted less expensive education, fewer clothes, less expensive vacations, less media and only a few personal items.  Doesn’t really sound so bad does it?

May God help us all as we find mental freedom by putting our faith and trust in Him and in the ways he encourages us to live.

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