Dealing with Loss if You are an Alabama Fan


Losing stinks, but it is usually the fans who take losing much harder than the players themselves.  We could learn a lot from the players about how to deal with loss.

Most players that I have ever encountered think like this.  I prepared my best and did my best or I didn’t.  It’s over and time to refocus on the next contest.  They think positively about how they can use this loss to be better prepared for the next contest or what they can do to get better. They think about how to use the loss for future motivation.

There may be some temporary disappointment about missing a ball or tackle, but that fades with time and what is left is the memory of being in the arena  during a glorious moment.  They will usually transcend any pettiness or gloating from others and chalk that up to the stupidity of some fans.

Some fans will get caught up in the negativity.  They get critical of the refs, the coaches, even players like Cade Foster and especially the fans of the other team who are happy and enjoying their moment.  And heaven forbid if the other team’s fan rub it in or gloat.

Instead of deflecting all this negativity and moving on, some take it personally and allow it to stew into anger and sometimes hatred.   Some fans, who lose total perspective, can end up in a funk that lasts for hours and even days.

We would all be better off to think and act more like the players.

How do you deal with loss?



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