Some Christians Get it…Others Don’t

 Baby step

Christians who “get it” understand one thing.  We need to be changed from the inside out.  We are never fully changed and this change for the better is a life time process. 

The Bible calls this ongoing process of change repentance.  It is the turning away from doing things with the mindset of the old man, the natural man, and instead agreeing with a new mindset of the spirit man that God has put inside us to change us.

I am just making a point with this example and not advocating that we should go around doing this, but if you were to confront the man who “gets it”  and say “you need to change.”  After the initial resistance he would respond with “Yes you are right.  I do need to change.” No offense is taken because the one who “gets it” understands he is continually needing to change.

For the person who does not get it, they would become defensive and give you a hard “no.”  I am not changing anything.  I don’t need to change. I am right. My way is right. I am good like I am.  I need no repentance. This type person is usually offended with the suggestion, stuck in their old mindset and stunted in their Spiritual growth.

God help me to be one who “gets it.”

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