Choose to be Content for Five Minutes Today

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Choose to be content for five minutes today. During that five minutes decide to be happy with everything just like it is. Do not want things to be different in your life for those five minutes. Don’t need to be doing something. Don’t need to be learning or improving. Don’t be asking God for something. Don’t be planning…or worrying…or regretting.

For five minutes be content with everything the way it is.

What do you learn from this exercise?  You learn that “YOU CAN” be content for five minutes.  And if you can be content for five minutes, you can be content for ten minutes.  For many people, being content for just five minutes a day can be the difference between bearable and unbearable.

How do you do this?

If you need to set a timer…set a timer and begin “your” five minutes.

There are more ways than one to do it.  For some the decision to do it is enough.    For others, they have to practice clearing their mind of the worry and clutter.

For me it is a recounting of things I am thankful for.  It is impossible for me to be discontent and thankful at the same time.

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