Fundamental Problem in America’s Health Care System

The Fundamental Flaw History The history of our current health care system is so important to understanding the cost control problem.  It was during the period of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s that shaped our attitudes toward healthcare. Medical care during that period was relatively inexpensive.  In the 1940s, group medical plans began to take […]

I Will Make it Easier for Others to Forgive Me

I Will Make it Easier for Others to Forgive Me. Father forgive me,  for I know not what I do.   I wanted to make it easier for people to forgive me by asking their forgiveness. So I began by trying it out on a group of friends I regularly meet for coffee. I decided not to […]

A Reason Why Players Love Coach Lamar Harris

This is a true story about why players loved playing for Alabama High School Hall of Fame Coach Lamar Harris.  And why years later we realize we not only loved playing for him, but that we loved him. Haleyville Gets a New Coach When Coach Harris came to Haleyville High School, he was fresh out […]

Maturity and Contentment

I have learned maturity and contentment in every situation.  I am not disturbed by my present circumstances.  I know how to live humbly when things are lean and I know how to enjoy prosperity and abundance.  I have learned the secret of facing every situation, whether well fed or going hungry.    Life ebbs and flows, […]

Moments in 2015

Moments in 2015   Sunday night fellowship group Levi Smith’s first birthday party Certified as a USPTA tennis professional Memphis Open and USPTA conference Sunday and Wednesday night class friends USPTA Conference in Charlotte, NC Serving my guests at the Muscle Shoals Music House Asher Rodi getting a tennis scholarship to UNA Sheffield High School […]

Eight Rules for a Civilized Argument

We need to learn how to argue again. What I mean is we need to learn how to argue in a civilized and respectful way again.  There are a lot of ideas out there. Some of them are good and some are not so good. We need to bring back the civility that goes along […]

Duck Hunting with Mac McAlpine and Donnie Aderholt

I lost an old friend, classmate and teammate Mac McAlpine this week.  I consider this hunting trip a year before Mac’s diagnosis as a great gift to me.  I am not much of a hunter, but Mac wanted me to go share in a hobby that he loved. Mac taught me there is nothing like getting up […]

Do You Love Peace?

  Do you love peace?  Do you pursue it? You will have more peace in your life by applying one simple proverb that all wise people understand. A gentle answer deflects anger, but harsh words make tempers flare. When you apply this principle it will make you a wise and valuable contributor to your family, […]

Are You Strong?

  I was honored and humbled to be ask to come back home to speak to my alma mater.  It has been a long time since I attended the Haleyville Lions Football Banquet.  Our motto is Home of Champions and my speech centered around that theme. I wanted to give my best speech ever.  I […]

2014 Shoals Polar Bear Dip

Below are three videos taken at the 2014 Shoals Polar Bear Dip.  The first video is interviews with the eight participants just prior to the dip.  The second video is the dip itself.  The third video is the post interviews with spectators at breakfast after the dip. The Dip Post Dip Interviews

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