Why I Stopped Blogging in April 2014

My trip to Israel altered my life.  I stopped blogging, writing, speaking and almost everything else I was doing before I left for Israel. I needed more time to process this experience. It was like being struck dumb. I felt like anything I could say about any topic was inadequate.  I needed to reevaluate my […]

Higher Calling May be Staying at High School Coaching

 I really enjoyed this article by Article by Mike Imrem.  Being a high school coach can be as much ministry as coaching.  Statistics show that a coach touches and influences 22,000 young men during his career.  It is certainly a higher calling if a coach is willing to accept it.  We need to be making sure […]

If You have Failed Trying Something Big, You are in Good Company

  I have been a Failure all my life… A failure when… I quit my insurance sales job after college graduation.  I quit the Real Estate business without making a sale.   The Oil Field Service business I worked for went bankrupt. I closed my used car business.    My employee benefit business closed down […]

The Forgotten Story of the Pilgrims

I really enjoyed this Thanksgiving article written by Patrick Robinson and I echo his sentiment.  I hope you too will take something valuable from it. Did you know that an estimated 30 million Americans may have descended from those first settlers called the Pilgrims? Yet today, many Americans know very little about the Pilgrims and […]

Thankful with Kevin Elko

  Kevin Elko recently shared this with his tribe and I thought it was worth sharing with you.   Isn’t it funny that we celebrate most if not all of our holidays without any real recognition of what their intended purpose is? How can we ever explain a holiday’s intended purpose to our children or […]

Struggles and Trials – All a Part of the Journey

Struggles and trials are all a part of our journey. An internal struggle with your thoughts is really no struggle at all.  It is nothing.  Wake up and look around.  There is no struggle except in your head. Don’t let a phantom struggle defeat you. An external struggle that you can see is not really […]

Life is a Vapor – Don’t Let Stuff Bog You Down

Life is a vapor.  It really is. Today it is here and tomorrow it is gone.  Because of that, we should be careful to live fully and not let anything stand in our way of getting the most possible out of the time we have. The ideas we develop of ownership are often formed at […]

Just How Sexy are You?

I was talking recently to a young lady who is a good friend of mine. She is 39 years old, very beautiful and has 3 children under age 14. She is engaged to a 55 year old man, but he looks older. I have to admit that I have wondered what she saw in him. Our conversation […]

Being a Male is Easy – Being a Man is a Decision

Herm Edwards the former NFL coach said That being a male is easy, but being a Man is a decision. Let that sink in a minute. I would add my own addendum to that statement. That once you make a decision to be a man, that is only the beginning. Now every decision matters and […]

Tim Tebow to Remain in Relentless Pursuit

I will remain in relentless pursuit of continuing my lifelong dream of being an NFL quarterback. – Tim Tebow I have no doubt that in the short run that being an NFL quarterback is a higher calling for Tim Tebow.  I wouldn’t bet against him achieving his dream. I know what the experts say. I […]

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