2014 – Traveling to Israel

Walking in the footsteps of giants, legends and heroes who have changed the world is humbling.  It is hard to put into words, but my faith became more real.  Strolling the cobblestone streets in old Jerusalem where David and Solomon were King, Daniel was a boy, Paul was a citizen and Peter and Jesus were […]

2014 – Family and Friends

2014 was best of times and the worst of times for my family.  The best of times is new additions to the family with my niece Emily and Mark Smith introducing us to Levi and my nephew Zach Mize got married and adds a new baby making my brother Joel a great grandfather.  My niece […]

Auschwitz Escape – Interesting Video on a Novel by Joel Rosenberg

Joel Rosenberg is one of my favorite authors.  He usually writes novels about prophetic events, but this book is about an escape from a German concentration camp.  I think you will be interested in this very intriguing interview on CBN.

Seven Spiritual Issues that Can Cause You Financial Anxiety

This is the second part to a two part post.  The first post is called, “Six Things God didn’t Say About Your Finances…”  To more fully understand this post it might be helpful to go and read that post first. The following are seven Spiritual issues that can cause you financial anxiety. 1. If I […]

Six Things God didn’t Say About Your Finances…

We all feel pain and doubt when we form wrong expectations of God. He is an all powerful father, but His agenda for us is often different from what we have in mind for ourselves.  He says He is working to develop something in us. A good father knows how to build good character and […]

It is Not Too Late – Schedule Some Fun for 2014

Do you remember in high school when you saved every ticket stub or prom flower from someone special and put it on your bulletin board at home.  The bulletin board helped make the memories even more special.  Why did we stop doing that? Well, I have started back and it is so much fun to […]

A Tribute to My Cousin Tim Bailey

I went to see my cousin Tim today.  He is in pretty bad shape.  His liver is shot after forty years with hepatitis C, a disease he contracted during a blood transfusion.  At age nineteen, he wrecked his vintage corvette when someone ran him off the road. Life has been a struggle for him since […]

How to Show Yourself More Love in 2014

We do love ourselves, right?  And that is a good thing, right?  It may feel a little funny saying it, but showing yourself love is not only healthy for ourselves, but for all who come in contact with us. So, what is the best way to show yourself more love during the coming year? Here […]

Choose to be Content for Five Minutes Today

  Choose to be content for five minutes today. During that five minutes decide to be happy with everything just like it is. Do not want things to be different in your life for those five minutes. Don’t need to be doing something. Don’t need to be learning or improving. Don’t be asking God for […]

A very very good day

Do you ever consider what makes for a very good day?  A day when at the end of it you feel a good tired.  A day where you feel satisfied and content with how you lived it. I decided to take a look at my days and evaluate them to see what makes for a […]

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