16. My Dad’s Last Day – A Remarkable Story of Answered Prayer

  My Dad’s Last Day I got a call from my sister Jeanette on my dad’s last day.  She called on a Wednesday night to tell me Dad is in the hospital in Jasper experiencing heart pain.  I was not surprised due to his history with heart issues. The drive to Jasper took just under two hours and on […]

Forgive Yourself For Being Stupid

The Year I had to forgive myself for being stupid happened on Easter weekend.  Forgiving yourself may be the best thing you ever do. My dad turned 79 this year. He gets around pretty good for a fellow his age. He likes to show off by dancing a little jig around the house to prove […]

The Rock of Ages and Jacob’s Pillow

There is none holy as the Lord: for there is none beside thee: neither is there any rock like our God.  I Sam. 2:2 Could it be that Joseph’s pillow, the rock that Moses struck and the Stone of Scone are the same rock?  Who is…what is the Rock of Ages and where did the story begin?   […]

Talking to My Trees

Talking to my trees… I talk to my fruit trees, but before this year it didn’t do much good to talk to my peach trees. They just would not bring any fruit to maturity.  The peaches usually rotted on the tree or fell off prematurely. I have done everything I knew to do.  I pruned it in […]

Introduction – “The Power of Humility…the Secret to Being Happy”

  The Secret to being happy? Blessed or happy are the poor in spirit (the humble) (Matt. 5:3). This famous quote by Jesus during his Sermon on the Mount always baffled me. Humility as poor in spirit conjured in my mind a door mat…a person with low self-esteem and little confidence. It was the opposite of what […]

Why did God Threaten Moses?

Why did God threaten to Kill Moses on the way to Egypt? God often takes extreme measures to get His point across and ensure His plans get implemented.  God convinced Moses, that if he disobeyed a command given to his grandfather Abraham seven generations earlier, He would kill him. The grievance God had against Moses […]

2014 – Traveling to Israel

Walking in the footsteps of giants, legends and heroes who have changed the world is humbling.  It is hard to put into words, but my faith became more real.  Strolling the cobblestone streets in old Jerusalem where David and Solomon were King, Daniel was a boy, Paul was a citizen and Peter and Jesus were […]

Why I Stopped Blogging in April 2014

My trip to Israel altered my life.  I stopped blogging, writing, speaking and almost everything else I was doing before I left for Israel. I needed more time to process this experience. It was like being struck dumb. I felt like anything I could say about any topic was inadequate.  I needed to reevaluate my […]

Lamb of God – The manger in Migdal Eder

Behold, the lamb of God. The manger in Migdal Eder Jesus Birth Foretold The story of Jesus birth was first foretold in Genesis three verse fifteen.  God told Adam and Eve that a child would be born. This Child would crush the head of the old Serpent who tempted Eve to sin and resulted in […]

End of the Age? Israel and World Politics – Part 3 of 3

  This is part three of a three part series asking the question “Are we coming to the end of the age.”  See part one and part two.  I believe we are and I believe the sayings of Jesus and the Old Testament scriptures are full of clues that say now is the age and […]

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