Hugh Freeze and Ole Miss are a Class Act

What a class act.  I recently sent Hugh Freeze and his coaching staff copies of my book “The Power of Humility, The Secret to Being Happy,” as a thank you for Coach Freeze taking the time to read the book and offering me his endorsement. Within a couple of weeks of sending this I received […]

What I Learned from Goal Setting in 2013

I have been a long time goal setter.  This past year I decided to do something different.  I suspected that some of my goals were only whims and not true desires.  I wanted to find out what goals were really my goals. My idea was to write out my top 10 goals on January 1 […]

Amazon’s New Technology Offers Two Hour Delivery

They tell me this technology is ready to go.  It is only a matter of weeks or months before it is ready to launch.  Watch video and tell me what you think.  

Mind Your Own Business

There were two men who opened clothing stores across the street from one another.  They sold the same merchandise, carried the same brands and were open the same hours.  One man was doing very well with his store while the other man was barely keeping his doors open.  One day the struggling business owner came […]

Top Ten Lesson We Can Learn from Watching College Football

Football season is upon us and for many of us who are students as well as fans see college football as a great laboratory for how to be successful in life. What are the Top 10 lessons we learn from College football? You must surround yourself with great people. Be willing to prepare yourself for […]

Make sure the setting is right to communicate

I have produced and led many many events to educate, inform, inspire and sell.  One of the most crucial things is to create an environment that is conducive to communication.  I really like the following article by Seth Godin about the importance of creating the right environment to communicate. The secret of the five top […]

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