Can Poor Sleep Impact the Health of your Business?

I hope the answer to the title question is an obvious yes to you.  Poor sleep effects brain chemistry and that effects energy and attitude and from the top down in your organization all are affected.

Before we talk any further about sleep, we need to examine, what success means to most of us.  Success usually means different things to different people. But true success is a balance of a number of things. A successful person will be happy, healthy, enjoy good relationships, have peace of mind, have his financial needs met and be optimistic about the future. 

If a person is very wealthy and enjoys great business success and his wealth is accumulated at the price of health, relationships, and peace of mind, he cannot be called successful. In fact a person with lesser wealth with all other ingredient of success is definitely more successful.

The reason that I felt it necessary to mention this here is because it speaks to the importance of priorities.  If you neglect your health and it suffers, then you have not done yourself or those who love you any favors.  Health must be a fundamental priority upon which other successes can be laid.

With that said, you might suspect you have sleep problems, but are not really sure because your sleep patterns seem normal to you.  There is one sure fire way to find out.  Set an appointment with an ENT physician, and tell them about your symptoms and see if they think it necessary for you to do a sleep study.  That will give your physician most of what he needs to get you moving toward better sleep, more energy and more business success.

But going to your ENT is only the beginning.  It is just as important that you become proactive and take responsibility for your own good sleep, energy and health.  Personally, I have declared war on poor sleep by making good sleep a priority.

My battle plan was to create a sleep diary that helps me keep up with my sleep patterns and other activities that might be affecting those patterns.  This will also give you something to take to your physician and help him to determine the best courses of actions to help maximize your sleep.  Create a excel document on your computer and title is Sleep Diary.  Below is an example of what you could be tracking. Of course, you might think to add other things to track as well.

Good luck and here is to better health and business success this year.

10-Feb 11-Feb 12-Feb
Caffine after 3:00 P.M. No No No
CWB7* Yes Yes Yes
Last Meal Chili Vegetables Cabbage Stew
Time of Last Meal 7:00 7:00 8:45
Bedtime snack popcicle none none
Medication b4 bed Ibprofen Ibprofen none
*** AASDD FUDS Reality check Good work day
Sleep aid None None lorazapam
Cpap Yes Yes Yes
Nose Strip Yes Yes Yes
Bed Time 11 10:45 10:30
Bedtime strategy none Get up if FUDS Get up if FUDS
****TOR 60 60 60
Time B4 sleeping 45 min 30 min 20 min
Walkabouts None None None
First Wake Time 3:30 4:00 4:00
Second Wake Time 4:30 4:45 4:45
Third Wake Time light doze light doze Light doze
*****MTBGU FUDS Tranquil Very Good
Up 7:00 7:30 7:15
*Completed Workout before 7:00 P.M.
** Completed Workout after 7:00 P.M.
***Activitiy Affecting Sleep During the Day
****Temperature of Room
*****Morning Thouughts b4 getting up
*******FUDS = Fears, Uncertainties, Doubts, Suspicions
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