Tribute to Bonnie Posey

I lost a dear friend Bonnie Posey this past week.  It has only been five weeks since she lost her best friend and husband Merle Posey.  Bonnie was an unusual person, which made for an unusual relationships.  Ours started in the fall of 1974, prior to a second surgery, after I received a triple fracture to my left fibula and tibia.

Bonnie, the mother of my teammate Stan Posey, came to visit me at Caraway Hospital after my first surgery was unsuccessful.  While visiting me, she mentioned she was a nurse and asked if I would like her to stay with me after my scheduled surgery early the next morning.  I said yes, and for the next two weeks, Bonnie never left the hospital.  I cannot remember waking when Bonnie was not sitting by my bed watching over me.  You might say that she was my guardian angel.

During my junior and senior years, she treated me as well as one of her own children.  As I recovered from surgery, she mothered, encouraged and scraped booked for me.  She also fed me and influenced me, but mostly she became a lifelong friend.  She refused to allow our friendship to fade even as I became consumed with pursuing my own plans and dreams.  Never did she fail to remember me at Christmas, and on my birthday; I usually received a package from 2316 10th Avenue, Haleyville, AL.

These last five weeks, since Bonnie’s diagnosis and Merle’s death, have been illuminating for me.  The last time I saw her, I said, “Bonnie, I have taken you for granted and I am sorry.”

She said, “Well Clay Mize, that is what kids do,” making me feel like a boy again.  The last time I talked to her over the phone, I asked her if I might read to her, or do something for her.

She said, “Clay, if I hear a little voice that says, you need to call Clay, I will call you.”

“Ok,” I laughed.

She did not call, and only a few days later she was unable to call.  But I trust she knew how much I loved and appreciated her.  Rest well sweet Bonnie, till I see you again.

  • She knew Clay.

  • If only I had a buck for each time I came to! Great writing.

  • Angela Arnold

    She knew. It’s been 7 years since Mother went to heaven. I’m just now reading this. She knew Clay….

    • Clay Mize

      I hope so. She was a great person the good Lord put in my life.

      • Angela Arnold

        You don’t have to hope so….you can know so. Because I said so 🤠

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